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BG 20 H BT 60

Bg 20 H Bt 60 Premiumline


The BG 20 H rotary drilling rig has an operating with a weight of approx. 62.4 t. It is ideally suited for:

  • Drilling cased boreholes (installation of casing by rotary drive or optionally by hydraulic oscillator; both are powered by the drilling rig)
  • Drilling uncased deep boreholes that are stabilized by drilling fluid
  • Drilling boreholes with long hollow stem augers (CFA system) with or without kelly extensions
  • Special drilling systems, such as FOW piles, displacement piles
Drilling Diameter 1,500 mm
Drilling Depth 51.1 m
Torque 200 kNm
Engine Power 205 kW
Height 21.9 m