• Rock and Blasthole Drilling
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  • Details: Custom-built to fit your excavator model, the WORD EX540 Excavator Attachment offers a versatile drilling solution for a variety of applications within the construction industry. Built with a powerful hydraulic rotation and percussion drifter the DF540 motor is ideal for small-hole drilling from 1.75” - 3”. Equipped with an integrated grout swivel for air, water, or grout flushing, this machine is a competitive market alternative to the typical all-in-one drilling units typically seen in foundation industry applications.

  • Applications: Blasting, Drilling, Mining, Roof Bolting, Soil Nailing, Micro Batteries

Rotation Torque 2,200 ft/lb
Max. Rotation Pressure 310 bar / 4500 psi
Operating Pressure 2000 psi
Rotation Speed 500 rpm
Weight 134 lb
Shank Size 2 3/8'' LFB