• Rock and Blasthole Drilling
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  • Details: Custom-built to fit your excavator model, the WORD EX57 Excavator Attachment offers solutions for a variety of rock drilling applications. Built with a powerful hydraulic rotation drifter with pneumatic percussion the M057 motor is ideal for DTH drilling and augering up to 8” holes. With its DTH drilling capabilities, this machine can be used in a wide variety of soil conditions and rock to meet project requirements.

  • Applications: Augering, DTH Hammer Drilling, Blasting, Fencing, Geothermal Drilling, Solar Pre-Drilling

Rotation Torque 2,200 ft/lb
Max.Rotation Pressure 310 bar / 4500 psi
Operating Pressure 2000 psi
Rotation Speed 500 rpm
Weight 143 lb
Shank Size 2 3/8'' IFP