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M125 Hydraulic Rotary Head

Word M125


  • 60–250 CID capacity
  • Up to 14,400 ft/lb (20,000 Nm) torque capacity
  • Through shaft flushing eliminates front-end swivel and gains drill travel
  • 10 hydraulic entrance points give immediate torque and smooth operation
  • Immediate torque produces favorable un-threading capability
  • High technology seals for long life and low maintenance
  • Light-weight compared to competitors in equal torque range
  • Four Port, 2-Speed drill motor option available
Hole size 4"–18"
Type of Drilling DTH, Auger, Rotary
Flushing Air/Water/Mud
CFM Required 185–2500
Hydraulic Flow 0–165 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 2,000–4,000