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Mm10k with machine mount


Developed in conjunction with the leading Screw Anchor/Pile installers around the world. The only true Anchor Drives available, designed & manufactured inhouse by Digga, specifically for the rigors of the application. Host machine operates in the most efficient HP range, minimizing wear & tear, to optimize performance & ensure highest returns.


• Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox

• Lightweight and compact for ease of movement in confined spaces

• Fitted with a high efficiency Eaton/Digga geroler hydraulic motor

• Over 34 years design and manufacturing experience

• 1yr gearbox and 1yr motor warranty

Theoretical Torque 10,478 @ 3,000 psi
Expected Torque 8,040 @ 3,000 psi
Max Pressure 3,000 psi @ 18.5 gpm
Max Flow 18.5 gpm @ 3,000 psi
Max Horse Power 33