MW5000E Extendable Boom Air Track

Word Mw5000E


  • This air track is 90% equivalent to the IR ECM350
  • The MW5000E air track model features a 1.5m extendable boom
  • Extendable boom gives this air track a 5.4m reach
  • Complete pneumatic operation makes this air track an excellent pioneering machine for new roads
  • 35% gradeability on mountain slopes with equivalent braking capability
  • Engineered safety brake on feed keeps your drifter locked into position when not in operation
  • Controls are individually engineered and manufactured making for low maintenance and replacement cost
  • Parts are 90% equivalent to IR ECM350 and are available in stock
  • The MW5000E air track utilizes the VL140 or VL120 Drifter
  • Rigid boom option available with model MW5000

Product features:

  • 7hp Feed Motor with planetary drive
  • Air/ Hydraulic pump gives smooth operation to cylinder boom movements
  • Hydraulic oscillating system and 5 cylinder tramming motor permit excellent rough terrain mobility
  • Spring applied, hydraulically-released, disc brakes permit secure stopping on hillsides in forward or reverse
  • Sealed rollers for low maintenance
Hole Size 2"-4"
Type of Drilling Anchoring, Blasting, Drilling, Mining, Roof Bolting
Flushing Air/ Water/ Mist
CFM Required 750 cfm @ 100 psi