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Allu Pf77
Allu Pf77 02


The ALLU PF 7+7 is a two-tank pressure feeder and self-contained pneumatic-based dry binder delivery system. There’s twice the capacity for twice the productivity.

The Pressure Feeder uses an on-board air compressor to pressurize a tank of binder and deliver it in dry form. Delivering and mixing binder in dry form conserves the "drying" capacity of a binder. It’s a more cost-effective use when wet soil or sediment is to be stabilized.

The computer-controlled feed enables the binder to be added very precisely, which also reduces costs and increases quality on the jobsite.

Weight 29,800 lbs
Engine 99 hp
Compressor Working Pressure 120 psi
Compressor Output 230 ft3/min
Tank Maximum Working Pressure 120 psi
Tank Binder Capacity 8 US Tn
Feeding Capacity, Adjustable 11 lb/s
Tank Gross Volume 250 ft3
Feeding Distance 250 ft