Bauer Introduces the Super Reach Attachment 400 to North America Market

Jan 10, 2024

This article originally appeared in the Aug/Sept issue of ADSC Foundation Drilling Magazine in the Industry Innovations section.

The construction industry is constantly evolving, with new machinery and equipment emerging to meet the demands of various job site applications. One such groundbreaking addition to the North American market is the BAUER Super Reach Attachment 400 (SRA 400) paired with the MC 96 duty cycle crane. This innovative machine, developed through a collaboration between Bauer and Berminghammer, will modernize the way drilled shafts are constructed where there are reach or efficiency limitations. With its remarkable features and unprecedented reach, the MC 96 with SRA 400 attachment is poised to set a new standard in the market.

“In the past, drilling in North America meant using a crane with Kelly bar, drilling holes with an auger,” ECA Vice President Bauer Product Sales and Service Gordian Ulrich said. “Before hydraulic rigs came to the US in the 90’s, that was how the majority of drilled shafts were done. But the hydraulic rig doesn’t have the same advantage that cranes have—reach!”

Historically, Hain crane attachments have been used for long-reach drilled shaft applications. These attachments allowed for the installation of piles and foundations by providing vertical and horizontal movement capabilities. However, despite their usefulness, there were limitations to the reach and efficiency of these traditional methods.

Recognizing the need for improvement in the industry, BAUER collaborated with Berminghammer to design the SRA 400 exclusively for drilled shafts. This collaboration brought together the expertise of both companies to create a solution that will push the capabilities of duty cycle cranes.

“Collaborating with Bauer was a great fit for Berminghammer as our expertise in crane-mounting drilling systems paired well with Bauer’s line of duty-cycle cranes,” said Berminghammer Design Engineer Craig Service. “This was a unique opportunity to improve upon some older technologies for long reach both technically and safety-wise.”

The BAUER SRA 400 and MC 96 combination made their debut at the Bauer In-House Exhibition in Aresing, Germany in April and is scheduled to land in the North American market this summer.

The SRA 400 with MC 96 comes with an impressive set of technical data. The SRA 400 boasts a maximum crowd force of 200 kN, a maximum line pull of 350 kN, and a stroke of 2.79 m. The KDK 385 S that comes equipped provides a maximum torque of 385 kNm with a max RPM of 52 rpm (1st speed) and 26 rpm (2nd speed). The BK420/470/4/48 Kelly bar gives the SRA 400 a hearty drilling depth of 45.9 meters, but that drilling depth can be increased to 100 meters with the right configuration.

The standout feature of the BAUER MC 96 duty cycle crane with SRA 400 is its impressive reach. With a maximum outreach of 13 meters or 42.7 feet, this machine surpasses the previous industry standard of 35 feet or less. For comparison sake, competitor machines in similar categories max out at 7.8 meters (25.7 feet) and 10.7 meters (35.0 feet) of reach. This extended reach allows for the construction of deeper drilled shafts, reaching depths that were previously challenging or impossible.

Ulrich said the SRA 400 will be a welcome piece of equipment for ECA customers concerned with efficiency and a need for a lot of extra reach when drilling, particularly in marine applications where a hydraulic BAUER BG rig may have trouble getting close enough to the pile.

“The SRA 400 will be huge for our customers for a few reasons, “Ulrich said. “Safety, the stability of the barge and often you simply cannot get the barge close enough to the pile.”

The SRA 400 is designed with lockable Kelly bars, which enable precise down crowd control with a 10-foot stroke on the rotary head. This feature ensures accurate and efficient drilling, enhancing productivity on construction sites. Moreover, the SRA 400 is powered by the crane's hydraulic system, eliminating the need for an additional power pack and streamlining operations.

“We’re using the same lockable Kelly bar as on a BG rig,” Ulrich said. “This gives us the ability to apply down crowd, which makes it possible to drill through rock.”

Bauer has ensured that operators familiar with BG model rigs can easily adapt to the MC 96 duty cycle crane with SRA 400. The machine employs the same B-Tronics and joystick controls as other BAUER BG rigs, allowing operators to leverage their existing knowledge and experience. Without a steep learning curve, operators can swiftly transition to using this powerful machine with minimal training.

“The controls are identical to the BG rigs, so it will be easy for any operator familiar with a BG,” Ulrich said. “This should get the operator more comfortable and ultimately more efficient with the machine.”

Furthermore, the MC 96 with SRA 400 offers familiar drill-assist functions that operators have come to rely on. These functions enhance accuracy, safety, and efficiency, ensuring that the machine delivers exceptional performance on every project.

The introduction of the BAUER MC 96 duty cycle crane with SRA 400 marks a significant milestone in the foundation drilling industry, particularly in the field of drilled shaft applications. This cutting-edge machine, developed in collaboration with Berminghammer and built to Bauer’s high standard of engineering excellence, brings unparalleled reach and efficiency to the North American market. With its lockable Kelly bars, advanced controls, and drill-assist functions, the MC 96 with SRA 400 is set to transform the way drilled shafts are constructed, and all with minimal training for operators experienced with BAUER’s BG Kelly drilling controls.

As the demand for deeper and more complex drilled shafts continues to grow, the BAUER MC 96 duty cycle crane with SRA 400 stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled capabilities and ensuring superior results. With this remarkable machine, construction companies can achieve new heights in their projects, revolutionizing the industry and paving the way for future advancements in foundation construction.

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