Subsurface Construction Nails Productivity with Klemm & ECA

Oct 08, 2015

Raleigh, N.C.-based Subsurface Construction Company, LLC has learned a lot about maximizing productivity on geotechnical construction projects since being founded 20 years ago. Since 1993, they have discovered that the Klemm product line backed by ECA's "very responsive" service is key to getting the job done more efficiently.

Subsurface Construction recently purchased a Klemm KR 806-5G Drilling Rig from Jeff Harmston in ECA's Greensboro, N.C. office. Managing Member Greg Sullivan, P.E. traces his loyalty to the Klemm line and ECA back to Jeff's father, Jim, whom he's known since 1995. Martin Bonzel of Klemm was also instrumental in explaining the technical aspects of the machine.

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