The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Inspections on Your Drill Rig

Feb 17, 2023

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There are a multitude of benefits to scheduling your drill rig for regular preventative maintenance. In fact, BAUER recommends at least a yearly check up of every major component in your drill rig.

Here are a few of the most important benefits of performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your equipment:

Safety is the most important part of working around heavy equipment. It takes well-trained, skilled operators paired with detailed safety guidelines and best practices to keep operators and other employees safe on the job site. Keeping up with regular preventative maintenance on your rig will keep the chance of catastrophic failures to a minimum. Catching potential problems early before they become hazards is a key component to any good preventative maintenance program.

Efficiency is improved by performing regular checks on your drilling equipment. Down time is the enemy of productivity and there’s no better way to make sure your rig is up and running than staying on top of mechanical issues before they begin. With supply chain issues still lingering, parts availability can become a problem quickly. However, with a regular maintenance schedule, identifying worn parts early before they fail can mean a huge difference in up time.

Cost savings on a project can be greatly increased by introducing a preventative maintenance program. For starters, fuel consumption can be reduced. Having your rig checked regularly can keep you from having to deal with an unexpected equipment replacement issue. Perhaps most importantly, sometimes small problems can turn into large, expensive repairs if that small problem isn’t identified early. ECA Service Manager Stephen Funaiock said he’s seen instances where a regular maintenance check could have saved a huge repair bill.

“A simple oil sample can save you thousands,” Stephen said. “One customer had a rig with failed hydraulic pumps which put metal through the entire hydraulic system. One oil sample at the previous service could have caught that failure prematurely and saved them $100,000.”

Depreciation of your asset is slowed and the life of your equipment is lengthened by simple preventative maintenance to your drill rig. It’s a basic mechanical fact that machines that run longer and harder without inspection and maintenance just don’t hold up. Neglected equipment will always fail before well-maintained equipment. Your equipment is a serious investment in your business, so why not take the best care of it possible?

Regular preventative maintenance on your foundation drilling rig is crucial to your bottom line. Moreover, it’s crucial to your crew’s safety. At ECA, we recommend a plan that includes regular inspections of safety devices, engine, cabin, undercarriage, upper carriage, mast, masthead, KDK, winches, and kelly bar. It’s important to ensure proper pressures for each pump and to conduct a hydraulic and engine oil analysis as well.

Equipment Corporation of America recently launched a preventative maintenance program called Rig Check that aims to keep your BAUER, KLEMM and RTG rigs in top notch condition. Our skilled technicians will inspect your rig at each of those key points, analyze the equipment’s condition and make preventative repair recommendations when needed.

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