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Double Wall Casings


Bauer casings are used for stabilizing boreholes in unstable soil formations. They are designed specifically for the transmission of high torques and crowd forces generated by BG rotary drilling rigs and Bauer BV casing oscillators. Casings are produced in double-walled construction as standard. This gives casings additional rigidity and strength and provides a continuous flush drill string (preventing jamming of drilling tools during insertion and extraction). As the amount of torque to be transmitted as well as the required casing depths continue to increase further and further, accompanied by increased wear, Bauer offers a reinforced version as an alternative to standard casings. It differs by comprising a stronger inner tube with a wall thickness of 12 mm (OD 620 – 1300 mm) and 16 mm (OD 1500 – 1800 mm).

In stock or available for order in the following diameters and lengths:

Lengths 1m
Diameters (Outside/Inside) 620 / 540mm
750 / 670mm
880 / 800mm
1000 / 920mm
1180 / 1100mm
1200 / 1120mm
1300 / 1220mm
1500 / 1400mm
1800 / 1700mm
2000 / 1880mm
2200 / 2080mm
2500 / 2380mm