• Anchor/Tieback Rigs
KR 702 3 PP 55 E li diag4 4 3


The powerful drilling rig, with separate Power Pack for vertical drilling applications in specialised foundation engineering - inside buildings and outdoors. An electric Power Pack (PP 55E) with 55 kW is available as an alternative to the Power Pack PP 117G (Diesel).

The drilling rig can be used in a range of ways, for example for micropiles and mini piles, GEWI piles, for underpinnings, jet grouting work and uplift anchors. The KR 702-3 drilling rig is especially suited to work in confined spaces. For extremely compact dimensions, special attention was paid to the optimum design of the rig in terms of performance capability, load-bearing capacity and versatility. The KR 702-3 can be used in confined spaces, as it fits through doors which are up to 2400 mm high and 750 mm wide.